Magic Khans of Tarkir prerelease with guest artist Byron Wackwitz. Each event is $25.

As always with our prerelease, pay to play in 3 events and you get a 4th one for free!!! Events as follows: Midnight Fri. Sept. 19th. is the 1st event, Bryon will not be here.

Noon. 4;, 9:30pm, and midnight(Bryon will not be here for the midnight)  Sat. 9/20/14.  

Sunday Sept. 21st. sealed event $25 with w/Bryon Wackwitz
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New FNM foil every month. 2 chances to win one or two every Friday with Standard at 6:45pm and draft as soon as we get 8 people and we will keep drafting each time we get 8 players.